Program #3

Blended Learning Program

Our Blended Learning Program is a comprehensive program that combines the advantages of our Smart Class Program and our Flipped-Class Program. This program focuses on providing Govt. school students with free online access to State Board-linked educational videos and assessments. As students consume these videos and assessments, we capture valuable data-points that are shared with Govt. school teachers to enhance their lesson planning. Classrooms are equipped with Smart Class infrastructure so teachers can effectively execute their lesson plans and deliver an improved in-class learning experience to students.

The Blended Learning Program combines the benefits of face-to-face instruction with the effectiveness of multimedia-powered education, and boosts learning outcomes by digitally empowering Govt. school students during periods of self-study as well. To facilitate successful implementation, we appoint local, on-ground personnel who regularly engage with Govt. authorities, school principals and teachers. These personnel train teachers to leverage valuable Data Insights to improve their lesson plans, and execute these lesson plans whilst using the Smart Class infrastructure provided. We also monitor the program's progress and conduct a detailed impact evaluation to showcase the program's impact.

  • Quality Education in school & beyond

    A powerful combination of Program #1 and #2, the Blended Learning Program enables Govt. school students to access Quality Education in school and home. This is done by making educational videos and assessments accessible in school using the Smart Class infrastructure, and at home by leveraging improved Smartphone and Internet penetration.

  • Personalized learning experience

    Assessments - which appear after every educational video - provide instant feedback to Govt. school students so they better understand concepts they may be weak at. Subsequently, these insights are shared with their school teachers, empowering them to enhance lesson plans and improve in-class teaching using the Smart Class infrastructure

  • Complete program management

    While executing our Blended Learning Program we appoint local, on-ground personnel who engage with key stakeholders involved with a Govt. school, train teachers to use insights from this program and the Smart Class infrastructure. Subsequently, they monitor the program's progress to ensure it impacts learning outcomes.

  • A model for India's Govt. schools

    The Blended Learning Program brings to life Government of India's vision for Govt. schools, as detailed in the NEP 2020. Donors that fund the implementation of this program can expect to generate media interest and immense goodwill among Govt. authorities, principals, teachers and communities

Benefit a school for ₹ 1,39,999

Our Blended Learning Program is a powerful program which uses your donation to serve Quality Education to students in Govt. schools & beyond, while providing valuable insights to teachers for improved lesson plans and in-class teaching