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Studeasy Foundation is a Mumbai-based Section 8 Company (NGO) which makes Quality Education accessible to India’s 125 MN Govt. school students through the use of technology, as per the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 and the Indian Government's National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. 

Studeasy Foundation has developed programs that leverage low-cost, hyper-scalable technologies and make Quality Education accessible to students in Govt. schools and at home as well. The organization has partnered with multiple State Governments and some of India’s largest socially-responsible corporations to execute its programs - some of which cost less than INR 999 per child per year - to over 520,000 public school students across 11 states in India.

Studeasy Foundation's programs have significantly improved understanding levels & academic performance of Govt. school students, which gotten the organization recognition from the Govt. of India's #StartupIndia & #DigitalIndia initiatives, and nominations for prestigious awards such as Global Citizen’s CISCO Youth Leadership Award (2021), Waislitz Award (2022), mBillionth award for innovation in South Asia (2023) and State Award by the Hon'ble State Govt. of Goa (2024).

  • Innovative programs

    Studeasy Foundation stands out for its innovative programs that harness the power of technology to make Quality Education accessible to Govt. school students in India

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  • Demonstrated impact

    Several impact evaluation studies haven found our programs to significantly improve understanding levels and academic performance of Govt. school students

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  • Pan-India presence

    With programs executed in 10 states and plans to expand nationwide, we have the capability, experience and network to make Quality Education accessible in India

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  • Recognized Excellence

    We have been recognized by the Govt. of India, nominated for prestigious awards, and endorsed by Ministers, Bureaucrats and philanthropists for our innovation and impact

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  • Volunteering

    We have a comprehensive program for volunteers who wish to join our mission and make Quality Education accessible to underprivileged Govt. school students in their locality

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  • 100% Compliance

    Studeasy Foundation holds all essential certifications, including 12A and 80G certification, and CSR e-Form 1. These certifications make us an ideal partner for prospective donors

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We invite you to view the certifications that testify to our high regard for regulatory compliance, and explore our journey which establishes our expertise in providing Quality Education to Govt. school students using technology