At Studeasy Foundation, we are proud of the impact we have made in the field of Education and our commitment to making Quality Education accessible to underprivileged Govt. school students in India. Our relentless efforts have been recognized by various esteemed individuals and organizations at the national and international level, both.

Recognition from key stakeholders

Awards & accolades

Recognition by Government of India

Our dedication to leverage technology to make Quality Education accessible to Govt. school students has been recognized by the Government of India. Studeasy Foundation's efforts and impact has been acknowledged by the prestigious #StartupIndia and #DigitalIndia initiatives, which aim to foster innovation and digital transformation in the country. These endorsements reflect our alignment with the government's vision for a digitally empowered and knowledge-driven India. In addition, we have received:

  • State Award from the Hon'ble State Govt. of Goa (2024): This prestigious award was conferred on Studeasy Foundation and Tata Motors' subsidiary ACGL for executing a highly impactful Flipped Class Program that tremendously benefited Govt. school students in Goa during the Covid-19 pandemic, from 2020 to 2023. To view photos from the event, click here

International Awards and Nominations

Studeasy Foundation's innovative approach and impactful programs have garnered attention beyond national borders. We are honored to have been nominated for and received recognition at renowned international awards ceremonies. Notable accolades include:

  • Global Citizen's CISCO Youth Leadership Award (2021): This esteemed award celebrates individuals and organizations undertaking innovative efforts to achieve the United Nation's SDGs. As Finalists at this award ceremony, we were recognized for our efforts in harnessing technology to provide Quality Education (SDG #4) to Govt. school students in India.

  • Waislitz Award (2022): The Waislitz Award acknowledges organizations that create meaningful social change. Studeasy Foundation's dedication to make Quality Education accessible to underprivileged Govt. school students, thereby bridging the education gap, was honored as a Finalist at this distinguished award ceremony.

  • mBillionth Award for Mobile Innovation in South Asia (2023): This prestigious award acknowledges innovation and excellence in the use of mobile technology for social impact. Studeasy Foundation's pioneering efforts in leveraging Smartphones and the Internet to deliver Quality Education to Govt. school students made us Finalists at this event.

  • Top 40 organizations at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance (2023-24): The G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA) is a network of noteworthy entrepreneurs & organizations in G20 countries. We are proud to be recognized among the Top 40 organizations by the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance 2023-24 for our innovative efforts in EdTech for Govt. schools

Testimonials from Industry Leaders & Govt. Authorities

We are humbled to have received heartfelt testimonials from esteemed business leaders, Hon'ble Education Ministers and senior bureaucrats from the Education Department at the State, District and Municipal level. These testimonials acknowledge the transformative impact of our programs on the lives of underprivileged Govt. school students. To view them, click here

Testimonials from principals, teachers & students

The impact of Studeasy Foundation's programs can be seen through the hundreds of testimonials we have received from Govt. school principals, teachers, and students who have directly benefited from our initiatives. Their inspiring stories demonstrate the positive change brought about by Studeasy Foundation, and showcase our ability to successfully execute programs across India. To view some of these testimonials, click here

Recognition by International Governments

In recent times, the impact produced by our programs has started gathering attention from Governments beyond India as well, who intend to study our technology and/or programs and explore applicability to their own Public Education system. Besides being a moment of great pride for us, such engagements also enable us to learn from educational and technological best practices from across the world. Here are some delegations that have visited us recently:

  • Delegation from Education Ministry of Govt. of Netherlands: A senior delegation from the Education Ministry of Govt. of Netherlands visited one of our schools to study our Blended Learning Program. This visit, which was facilitated by the Embassy of Netherlands in India, was a part of bilateral knowledge-sharing under G20. To view some photos from this visit, click here

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