Volunteer with us

At Studeasy Foundation, we believe in the power of collaboration and the collective impact that can be achieved through volunteering programs. Our volunteering program is open to individual volunteers and corporate volunteers, both, and provides a unique opportunity to directly contribute to the implementation of our programs in a Govt. school within your locality, thereby bringing Quality Education to underprivileged Govt. school students in your surroundings. Through corporate volunteers, our volunteering programs enable organizations to make a tangible difference in the lives of Govt. school students while fostering team building and employee engagement.

As a volunteer, your role will primarily involve engaging closely with our on-ground personnel, school principals, teachers, and students to ensure the successful execution of one of our programs. Here's what you can expect as part of your volunteering process:

As an individual or corporate volunteer

What you can do for us

School outreach

Reach out to Govt. schools in your vicinity and introduce them to our programs. Present the benefits of the programs and its potential to enhance the educational experience for students.

Support & guidance

Provide on-going support to our team members, teachers and other volunteers as they implement our programs. Answer their questions, address concerns, and share best practices to maximize the impact of the program

Student engagement

Interact with Govt. school students & their teachers to create awareness about our programs and motivate them to utilize its resources. Encourage their active participation in our program and help them benefit from it

Progress monitoring

Regularly monitor the progress of our programs by observing classroom activities, assessing student engagement, capturing teacher adoption, and collecting feedback from teachers, students and other related stakeholders

Reporting & documentation

Maintain records of your volunteer activities, including the schools visited, training sessions conducted, and the impact observed. This information enables us to improve our programs, and also doubles as a record of your performance

As an individual or corporate volunteer

How you can benefit

Positive feeling & self-image

Volunteering makes most individuals happy and proud of themselves, as they see themselves contributing to a cause they care about and empowering Govt. school students to build a brighter future for themselves & their families

Networking opportunity

Meaningful volunteering enables you to meet, interact and associate with like-minded, socially-responsible individuals from your community or organization. These associations can be the start of valuable, life-long relationships

Build & showcase your skills

Volunteering in our programs allows you to enhance & exercise your analytical, communication, negotiation, managerial and leadership skills - which can be particularly useful for corporate volunteers who wish to get noticed

Favorable social perception

By actively participating in volunteering programs such as this, you demonstrate your commitment to social impact. This helps create a favorable impression before any college, employer or society at-large

Detailed certification

At the end of your volunteering period, you will receive a certificate highlighting the extent of your contribution and the impact you have made on underprivileged Govt. school students of your locality

Want to volunteer with us?

Join us in our mission to provide Quality Education to those who need it the most. Become a volunteer for Studeasy Foundation and make a lasting difference in the lives of underprivileged students in your locality.