Program #1

Smart Class Program

Our Smart Class Program is designed to provide Quality Education to Govt. school students and improve their understanding levels and academic performance. This program involves setting up Smart Class infrastructure in Govt. schools, which allows teachers to integrate our high-quality educational videos and personalized assessments into their traditional lectures.

To ensure program success, we appoint local, on-ground personnel who regularly engage with Govt. authorities, school principals and teachers. These personnel train teachers on using the Smart Class infrastructure, and subsequently monitor the program's progress. We also conduct detailed impact evaluation studies to capture and showcase the program's impact on Govt. school students.

  • Robust & user-friendly infrastructure

    As part of this program we provide Govt. schools with Smart Class infrastructure which comprises a 55" Android Smart TV and internet connectivity. This infrastructure is extremely user friendly and enables Govt. school teachers to easily integrate multimedia content in their daily lectures.

  • High-quality educational content

    The Educational content provided with the 'Smart Classroom System' includes high-quality educational videos, assessments and activities. This content covers all subjects, chapters and concepts for various Indian State Boards and are available in a wide range of Indian regional languages.

  • Complete program management

    While executing our Smart Class Program we appoint local, on-ground personnel who engage with key stakeholders involved with a Govt. school, train teachers on using the infrastructure and, subsequently, monitor the program's progress to ensure it impacts learning outcomes.

  • Proven impact on learning outcomes

    Through this program we have been improving understanding levels and academic performance of Govt. school students since 2015. Large-scale Impact Evaluation studies conducted across an array of locations have shown how this program improves learning outcomes

Benefit a school for ₹ 1,17,599

Whether you're an individual or a socially-responsible corporation (CSR), you can effortlessly donate to Studeasy Foundation and have us execute the Smart School Program in Govt. schools in/around your locality