Program #2

Flipped-Class Program

Our Flipped-Class Program takes advantage of improved Smartphone and Internet penetration among India's low-income households. This program provides Govt. school students with free online access to State Board-linked educational videos and assessments. As students consume these videos and assessments, we capture valuable data-points that are shared with Govt. school teachers to enhance their lesson planning and in-class teaching.

This program follows world-class pedagogical practices, and the National Education Policy (NEP) adopted by the Indian Government in 2020. To facilitate successful implementation, we appoint local, on-ground personnel who regularly engage with Govt. authorities, school principals and teachers. These personnel train teachers to leverage valuable Data Insights shared by us, and subsequently monitor the program's progress. We also conduct a detailed impact evaluation to capture and showcase the program's impact on Govt. school students.

  • Empowers students during self-study

    If you recollect your time as a school student, you'd remember a bulk of your learning occurred post school hours, when you sat down to study by yourself. The Flipped-Class Program empowers Govt. school students with high-quality educational videos & assessments when they self-study

  • A personalized learning experience

    Assessments - which appear after every educational video - provide instant feedback to Govt. school students and enables them to understand concepts they may be weak at. This mechanism provides a personalized learning experience that's adapted to the understanding level of each Govt. school students

  • Complete program management

    We appoint personnel who engage with Govt. authorities, school principals and teachers. These personnel train teachers to use valuable insights to improve lesson plans and in-class teaching. Subsequently, they monitor the program's progress and conduct impact evaluation studies to assess improvement in learning outcomes

  • NEP-aligned with proven impact

    Although the Flipped-Class Program is a relatively new concept in Govt. schools, it has been extremely popular in schools/colleges worldwide since 2 decades. More importantly, this program is aligned to NEP 2020's focus on tech-enabled learning and has proven its ability to impact Govt. school students at scale

Benefit a school for ₹ 67,199

Donate to our Flipped-Class Program as an individual or CSR and empower Govt. school with Quality Education. Furthermore, their school teachers receive valuable insights that improve lesson plans & in-class teaching - all thanks to you!