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At Studeasy Foundation, we are committed to providing Quality Education to underprivileged Govt. school students in India. We believe in the power of evaluation to continuously improve our programs and ensure their effectiveness. Since our inception in FY 2015-16, we have prioritized impact evaluation; collecting both quantitative and qualitative data to showcase the true impact of our efforts on learning outcomes.

We understand the importance of capturing data from all key stakeholders involved in our programs. By adopting a 360-degree assessment approach, we gain a comprehensive understanding of our program's progress and impact. Our stakeholders include students, teachers, school principals, local personnel, and the communities we serve. Their valuable feedback and insights contribute to shaping the future direction of our initiatives. 

While impact evaluation has gained recent endorsement from the Government of India, we have been committed to this practice right from our very first program. We recognized early on the significance of measuring outcomes and understanding the true value of our philanthropic projects. By conducting detailed impact evaluation studies, we gather evidence-backed findings that demonstrate the effectiveness of our programs. 

Through these evaluations, we have witnessed our programs impact Govt. school students and key stakeholders surrounding them in the following manner:

Based on programs executed till date

Impact of our programs

Increased interest in education

Consistent feedback from various stakeholders, including students, teachers, and parents, indicates that our programs spark a renewed interest in learning among students of beneficiary schools. Through engaging educational videos, personalized assessments, and the integration of technology in classrooms, students have shown increased enthusiasm towards academic progress.

Improved understanding levels

Multiple stakeholders suggested that our programs have significantly improved students' understanding levels. The high-quality educational videos served through our programs, coupled with the support of trained teachers, has helped students grasp complex concepts more effectively, leading to enhanced comprehension and knowledge retention.

Enhanced academic performance

Our programs have consistently improved students' academic performance across India. Information gathered from teachers and school administrators highlights improved test scores and overall academic achievements among students who have participated in our programs. By providing access to comprehensive learning resources, we have empowered students to excel.

Student enrollment and attendance

The impact of our programs can be seen in increased student enrollment and improved attendance rates in beneficiary schools. Feedback from school administrators suggests that the introduction of technology-enabled learning, coupled with the reputation and effectiveness of our programs, has attracted more students to enroll and attend classes regularly, leading to a more inclusive and accessible educational environment.

Increased job satisfaction for teachers

By providing teachers with necessary training, infrastructure and resources, we have empowered them to deliver Quality Education. As a result of our programs, several stakeholders have reported reduced stress and enhanced teacher motivation. This increased motivation has positively influenced their dedication to student success and overall job satisfaction.

Interactive classroom environment

Feedback from various stakeholders points to an improvement in classroom interaction due to our programs. Through the integration of technology and interactive learning materials, students are actively engaged in the learning process, leading to increased participation, collaboration, and discussion within the classroom

Goodwill amongst the community

Our programs have garnered significant goodwill among the community and stakeholders. Feedback from parents, local leaders, and community members indicates a strong appreciation for our efforts to make Quality Education accessible. The positive impact witnessed in beneficiary schools has fostered a sense of trust and admiration for our organization & our donors.

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