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At Studeasy Foundation, we are committed to making Quality Education accessible to underprivileged Govt. school students in India. We have partnered with some of India's largest socially-responsible corporations and revolutionized learning for Govt. school students across 10 states in the country, with plans to scale our programs and benefit students nationwide.

We understand the critical role that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) play in driving positive social change. By partnering with Studeasy Foundation, socially-responsible corporations can make a significant impact on the lives of thousands of underprivileged students and contribute to the advancement of Govt. schools in India as per the National Educational Policy (NEP) 2020.

Features that differentiate us from any other NGO

Why partner with us

Compliant with latest CSR norms in India

Studeasy Foundation takes compliance and certifications seriously. We are proud to hold the 12A and 80G certifications, which enable us to provide tax exemptions to our donors. We also possess the CSR e-Form 1 certification, which is desirable for prospective CSR partners who wish to support our programs. Partnering with us ensures that your CSR initiatives align with legal requirements and receive the necessary certifications and compliance benefits.

Innovative & impactful programs

Studeasy Foundation's programs are designed to be innovative and high-impact. Our Smart Class Program, Flipped-Class Program, and Blended Learning Program are carefully crafted to address the specific educational needs of underprivileged Govt. school students. These programs have produced significant, tangible improvement in learning outcomes across India, and you can be confident that your CSR spends will produce the same effect in regions that matter most to you.

Equipped to execute programs Pan-India

With our extensive experience and on-ground presence, Studeasy Foundation is well-prepared to execute programs across India. Whether you have CSR objectives in a specific state or aim to make a nationwide impact, we have the capability, network and experience to successfully implement our programs in diverse locations. Together, we can extend the benefits of Quality Education to underprivileged students in any/every region of your choice.

Comprehensive Monitoring & Impact Evaluation reports

We understand the importance of monitoring, evaluating and reporting the impact of CSR initiatives very well. We have been doing this since 2015, which is why we're trusted by India's largest socially-responsible corporations. As a CSR partner, you will receive comprehensive reports on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis which can be circulated among key stakeholders, shareholders and general public to showcase the impact of your CSR efforts.

Minimal Administrative Overheads & Fees

We are committed to ensuring that the majority of our donations directly go towards providing Quality Education to underprivileged Govt. school students in India. To achieve this, we maintain a lean administrative structure with minimal administrative overheads. This ensures that 95% of every rupee donated to Studeasy Foundation directly benefits the students it aims to support.

Alignment with Government of India's vision

Studeasy Foundation shares a common vision with the Government of India to enhance Govt. schools through the use of technology and provide Quality Education to every child. By partnering with us, your CSR initiatives align with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and contribute directly to the government's efforts in improving educational outcomes for underprivileged Govt. school students.

Goodwill, recognition & awards

Studeasy Foundation has gained recognition from prestigious national and international platforms. Our organization has been acknowledged by the Government of India's #StartupIndia and #DigitalIndia initiatives as well. By supporting our CSR programs in a region that matters to you, you join a distinguished community of innovative change-makers who are widely recognized for their positive and innovative contribution to developing India's Govt. schools.

Wish to explore synergies?

We're always happy to engage with socially-responsible corporations who wish to understand our programs and support our mission through CSR funds, in-kind donations, employee engagement and/or other collaborative initiatives.